VMware vSphere

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Creates machines on a VMware vSphere Virtual Infrastructure. The machine must have a working vSphere ESXi installation. You can use a paid license or free 60 day trial license. Your installation may also include an optional VCenter server.


$ docker-machine create --driver vmwarevsphere --vmwarevsphere-username=user --vmwarevsphere-password=SECRET vm


  • --vmwarevsphere-boot2docker-url: URL for boot2docker image.
  • --vmwarevsphere-cpu-count: CPU number for Docker VM.
  • --vmwarevsphere-datacenter: Datacenter for Docker VM (must be set to ha-datacenter when connecting to a single host).
  • --vmwarevsphere-datastore: Datastore for Docker VM.
  • --vmwarevsphere-disk-size: Size of disk for Docker VM (in MB).
  • --vmwarevsphere-folder: vSphere folder for the docker VM. This folder must already exist in the datacenter.
  • --vmwarevsphere-hostsystem: vSphere compute resource where the docker VM is instantiated. This can be omitted if using a cluster with DRS.
  • --vmwarevsphere-memory-size: Size of memory for Docker VM (in MB).
  • --vmwarevsphere-network: Network where the Docker VM is attached.
  • --vmwarevsphere-password: required vSphere Password.
  • --vmwarevsphere-pool: Resource pool for Docker VM.
  • --vmwarevsphere-username: required vSphere Username.
  • --vmwarevsphere-vcenter-port: vSphere Port for vCenter.
  • --vmwarevsphere-vcenter: IP/hostname for vCenter (or ESXi if connecting directly to a single host).

The VMware vSphere driver uses the latest boot2docker image.

Environment variables and default values

CLI optionEnvironment variableDefault
--vmwarevsphere-boot2docker-urlVSPHERE_BOOT2DOCKER_URLLatest boot2docker url
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